Your Wedding Brochure. Do You Need One?


A Dinosaur or a Necessity?

Print mediums are steadily losing subscribers all over the country. Some might say it’s content. Some might say they are just old—and in the way. But the real reason that magazines and newspapers are losing subscribers is that everyone is going digital for their news.

And why not?

It’s easier, cheaper, and more timely. All over the country, printers are finding that websites are replacing brochures and printed materials.

Does that mean that you should join the hordes and go all digital and not print a brochure?

It’s not an easy to question to answer. The best way to answer the question is to go back to your marketing goals your marketing budget. Have you put together a budget based on direct mail, a website, and email communication? If you have a brochure now, how often are you handing it out? How often are people actually asking for it?

If the ultimate decision maker is the bride, then it’s unlikely that she will care too much about a brochure or an expensive information packet. However, if the ultimate decision maker is the mother of the bride, then she might not want to go online. She might be offended if you tell her, when she asks for a brochure, “I’m sorry but that’s really old-fashioned—only old fuddy-duddies like you still want one. And all you’re going to do is just throw it away or line the bird cage with it anyway!”

Of course, that’s not something you would say but you get the point.

If you are a seriously upscale club or wedding destination resort, then you should probably have a brochure and a printed piece. You cannot get away with a piece that looks mediocre. However, if you are a more middle-of-the-road club or resort, you may be able to get away with a basic but glossy pocket folder and some basic materials inside. Once again, ask yourself how many leads and how much business your current brochure is generating. If it’s a lot, then you need a brochure. If it’s not much, then you may be able to go all digital. At a pinch, you can always print pages off your website. However, if you are going to a trade show, you had better have a brochure!

The good news about brochures is that printing technology has changed dramatically in the past few years. You can now print a small number of brochures and/or inserts relatively inexpensively due to new digital printing presses. Instead of having to run 5,000, you can now run 250 just as economically. This leaves more money in the budget for a quality graphic designer or more direct mail.

After you have printed your brochure, send it out in a direct mail package to your database. There is no need to go bananas with a wedding site brochure just to try to look cool—the printer may well try to up-sell you on die-cuts, different sizes, varnish, and other items. There is no need for any of these add-ons.

For the copy, include all the key information and use the golden rules of copy. Make every sentence of the copy direct people to calling you or going to your website or both.

Writing copy that gets response requires expertise and if you don’t have anyone in-house who can write the copy, make sure to hire an expert.

About the Author:

Scott Martin is a direct response copywriter with the proven ability to execute direct response techniques and generate results.

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