What you Need to know to Maximize A Free Golf Promotion


How Do You Maximize A Free Golf Promotion?

We have run hundreds of free golf promotions, generating hundreds of thousands of pieces of data. Along the way we have learned a few things and the following information will assist you in avoiding the pitfalls that have trapped those before you.

1. Work with your Legendary Partner Support Specialist to customize your Golf Super Survey. You might think at first that this survey is long, but when the prize is free golf your web viewers will complete the entire survey giving you VALUABLE information.

2. Decide what your offer is and the restrictions for your offer. Think about things like: Dates the offer is good Days of the week the offer is good. What time of the day the offer is good. Holidays that the offer is or is not honored. Is the offer good with any other offer, tournament or discount? How many free rounds are available? Are there any additional restrictions?

3. Ask for ID when they present the voucher The Cheapskates and Cheaters WILL try to cheat you. They will print the voucher twice and visit you twice. You can either grin and bear it, or you can keep a log in the pro shop in alphabetical order of those who redeemed the voucher. If you call them out, be prepared for them to be upset that you caught them. You can smooth this over by offering a special “return rate” if you choose to do so.

4. You will not always be dealing with the most tech-savvy people in the world. We have made getting a voucher for free golf as painless as possible. We have done this by making it possible for the voucher for free golf pop up after a survey is filled out. All the web viewer needs to do is print it. Yet you will find that not everyone will be able to print the voucher; they might not have a printer, they might be out of ink, etc etc. You will need to have a system in place to handle these customers when they call in and complain. One option would  be checking to see that they have indeed filled out the form and then offering to hold a voucher for them at the pro-shop.

5. If you have an email auto-reply for the contact point be prepared for 20 angry phone calls from people who didn’t get the auto-reply because their IP has blocked you, their Junk Mail grabbed it and deleted it or their firewall at work didn’t let the email through. Be prepared to listen and offer solutions. See Item 7 for a way to handle this.

6. Make sure more than one person on your staff knows how to look up entries in your online survey. When someone calls in and says they filled out the survey but couldn’t print it, make sure the person taking the call can access the database in Smartsites or GMC to look up the caller’s entry.

7. Have a plan in place if someone wants to participate in the survey but does not have internet access. You could have a computer set up in the pro shop and have customers fill out the free golf survey on property. Make sure you have a printer set up too.

8. Set a Maximum number of free rounds you can and will be willing to give away. You don’t want to oversell and not be able to accommodate all of the free golf requests. If you have 12,000 people give you their data, you could potentially be giving away 12,000 free rounds. Can you accommodate this many rounds? It goes without saying you should squeeze as much out of your tee sheet as you can. To accommodate these rounds, think early season, shoulder season and your slow days of the week during peak season. You will have people that won’t redeem their vouchers too, so take this into account and don’t miss an opportunity to grab just one more email address, it could be worth thousands of dollars later on down the line.

9. Make sure your staff knows about the promotion! They need to know when the promotional email is being sent and they need to know the details about the offer.

10. Make sure you are staffed appropriately when your free golf promotion is going on. When people are redeeming your offer for free golf, KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF with exceptional service, friendly rangers, hot food and cold drinks. This is your opportunity to turn these people into CLIENTS FOR LIFE.

11. Give them another offer enticing them to come back after they visit you for the free golf. Maybe it is a coupon for a free lunch the next time they visit. Maybe it is a free bucket of balls for the range, or value-added in the form of product or trade. Studies show that it only takes two visits to make a person a customer for life. Also showcase your club’s amenities at this time. Give them information on events, weddings, outings and lessons. Squeeze every drop of income out of this “free” round of golf.

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