Weddings – The Art of Up-selling


How to Sell Weddings – The Art of Up-Selling

Have you ever noticed how the base price of a car can be about $20,000 yet the one on the showroom floor is $25,678 because it has a special radio that picks up stations on Mars?

Vodka aficionados may disagree but, in reality, there’s not much difference between a basic vodka and a vodka with a pretty label: vodka is supposed to have no taste at all. Yet, in bars everywhere, the canny bartender manages to “up-sell” the drinker on the vodka with a pretty label.

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Upselling Your Weddings Packages

During the closing process, one way to up-sell is to have a good, better, and best approach to the wedding packages that you offer. Some ultimate decision-makers will be on a very strict budget and will want to stick with the “good” plan and you have to respect that. Others will want to go all out and will head straight to ‘best.” However, it’s important to offer the ‘best” package as part of the closing process.

Most ultimate decision-makers will go with the “better” package so make sure that you have that priced so that you are making a good profit on that package. The ‘best” package should be priced well above “better” and offer all the bells and whistles—supersized.

Asking for the Business

Do not automatically assume that the ultimate decision makers you are meeting with want the “best” or the “good” level of packages. Looks can be deceiving and the ultimate decision maker with the expensive car and clothes might just want the “good” package. Ask. The worst that can happen is that they say no! You cannot up-sell unless you have a plan.

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