Use Video To Book More Outings


How You Can Use Video to Sell More Golf Outings

let’s talk about using both Video, in DVD format for direct mail, and Online Streaming Video from your website or a free social media site like YouTube.

In Direct Mail…

Using video is a great way to communicate the benefits of your golf club or resort when trying to sell more golf outings. Not only does it add an element of professionalism when you hand them out during a tour, but they also make you stand out when you send information to a potential outing director. When added to a multi-piece direct mail campaign, they also increase response.

Video scares a lot of people because they think it’s very expensive and complicated, yet with today’s technology, you would be amazed at the results you can achieve for as little as $10,000 (the DVD should last you several years). A five-minute infomercial is optimum. CDs and DVDs also make for easy mailing.

Online Streaming Video….

When you hire a professional to shoot your video, make sure to ask them for digital versions of the video in all the popular formats. This way you can use this same video for your YouTube Channel and other popular sites, plus your own website.

Streaming video works hand in hand with your email campaigns. Where you would insert a DVD in the envelope for a direct mail piece, you can insert a link in an email.

Hosting your video online also allows you to email links to potential outing directors automatically if they request information online, or simply after a phone call.

You can save money by combining the shooting of the outings video with a video for membership, and a general video just to highlight the club and course.


Yes, I’m ready to invest in a simple, reliable, formulaic, effective and proven approach for generating more and better outing leads and converting more of those leads into sales for my operation.

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