Turning Readers Into Buyers


There’s only one goal when it comes to digital and print marketing materials: TURN READERS INTO BUYERS. Yes—with a complex or expensive product, you may need to turn the reader into someone who sends an email to a salesperson or calls a call center but, ultimately, there’s only one way to measure success in marketing: the percentage of readers who become customers.

As a copywriter, I’m right in the middle of the action. The words I write persuade people to take the next step in the sales process. And my clients expect my writing to get results. It can be stressful but it’s also fun—especially when my writing helps to generate revenue for a company.

Note: When people ask me what I do and I reply, “I’m a direct response copywriter” people look at me like I’m from Mars. A direct response copywriter uses specific writing techniques to persuade a reader to pick up the phone, pull their credit card out of their wallet, send an email, or fill out a form. You’ve seen my work in websites. You’ve seen it on landing pages and sales pages. And you’ve seen it in what’s called ‘junk’ mail although I prefer to call it ‘gold’ mail because if you get direct mail right, it remains one of the most powerful and potent weapons in the marketing arsenal.

I’m beginning a series of articles about how to turn readers into buyers. It’s a complex subject. And like everything else, making it work, and making it work smoothly, requires considerable effort and a deep knowledge and understanding of what makes direct response copywriting successful.

In this series, you’ll discover how direct response copywriting works. The series will help you if you want to write your own copy. It will also help you if you’re new to marketing: if you’re serious about making your marketing work, then you’ll need a seriously good copywriter. The series will also help you if you’re a seasoned marketer but not a copywriter and you want to learn about what goes through the head of a copywriter…when they’re writing copy, of course.

I’m also going to reveal some advanced copywriting techniques. It’s not massively difficult for a competent writer to produce ‘average’ direct response copy that still generates a response. But to elevate response requires advanced understanding and knowledge. Every ounce of energy in marketing must be directed to maximizing response. The companies that are constantly trying to push that needle a little further to the right are the ones that make the most money.

The first key to turning those readers into buyers is developing a deep and clear understanding of the reader. What do they want? Who are they? What turns them on? What turns them off? What are their problems? What are their goals? In the next article, I will detail how to get to know the reader so you understand what will make them buy or contact you. Until then, here’s a checklist you can use to help you get to know your potential customer a bit better.

About the Author:

Scott Martin is a direct response copywriter with the proven ability to execute direct response techniques and generate results.

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