Turn Every Golf Outing into a Sales Event


When holding golf outings make sure you have plenty of high-quality signage, tabletop displays, and flyers to let every guest know exactly the type of services you offer at the golf club. This is a one-time opportunity to get your messages in front of a large, on-site audience!


  • Golf Outings
  • Weddings & Banquets
  • Memberships
  • Pool and tennis
  • Social
  • Range and Golf Lessons

You should offer some type of repeat play or bounce back certificate or invitation in the goodie bag of every outside event. It should be positioned as a Preview or Member for a Day certificate on behalf of the club or membership committee if private and a simple bounce-back round if not. Ask them to register online to get their FREE round so you get their data.

The bounce-back certificate can be an up-sell for an event, a closer when trying to book an event or included as one of the outing amenities.

“We will give every player a free round valued at $50, so with a hundred players that a $5,000 bonus for your event .”

This certificate allows the recipient to come back at an off-peak time for a preferred rate or free round, and the recipient may bring up to three guests with them at the preferred rate. Include restrictions and an expiration date. Make sure that every tournament participant gets one before they leave your property. Remember that there is no better target market than one who has experienced your course.

You should also include flyers with other one-time offers for your club.

It does not hurt either to have a booth on site at the end of the event to sell whatever services you offer, from memberships to golf lessons!

Photo Service

With digital cameras anyone can take great photos, so why not set the beverage cart girl up with a nice Sony Cybershot or even an iPhone and let her take pictures of each group at your course’s signature hole.

You can charge $5 per head for the photos and print them out on a nice Lexmark printer ($149) on photo paper at 8.5X11.

Or you can go ahead and throw in the $500 photo fee as a value-added service!

You could also consider uploading all the pictures to your website and letting the participants download the pictures themselves (after giving you their e-mail of course)!

Golf Clinic

Golf clinics can be a nice addition to your outing, especially if you put together a careful presentation laced with humor, a few trick shots and some anecdotes. A 15-20 minute presentation is ideal. Clinics can be used as an income generator, charging based on a flat fee of say $500 or on a per-head basis of say $5 per head, more if the numbers are smaller or the group is a large company.

Alternatively you can post a clinic fee of say $795 for a 30-minute clinic and offer the outing planner the clinic as part of your value-added tournament package. That makes the golf outing planner feel good and allows him to go back to his group and say, “Look what a great deal I got!”

Hole in One

Rather than pay the insurance company $700 or so for a hole in one prize charge $2-$5 per head and offer the chance to win a free membership at your course, or a trip to a local resort! What’s the chance? Over the long haul Britney Spears will be first lady before you lose money on this bet! This is a strategy that I have seen several clubs use to great effect. Not only does it build major goodwill with the organizers or group leaders, but it creates serious opportunity for a record day of income.

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