Ten Ways To Triple Your Golf Outing Business


 Top Ten Ways You Can Triple Your Golf Outing Business

  1. Use outbound telemarketing to grow your prospect list. It’s amazingly easy and effective (just hire someone) but hardly anyone does it!
  2. Run ads in local publication “Win a Free Outing” to uncover leads.
  3. Drive them to a dedicated website to register.
  4. Make website a complete long copy sales pitch.
  5. Duplicate long copy pitch with a 2 min video.
  6. Offer a free download for opt-in on event planning.
  7. Set autoresponder emails to follow up.
  8. Provide sales team with objection and closing scripts.
  9. Upgrade the event with up-sell offers.
  10. Read this 261-page manual it has everything you need from ads, to scripts to email to website and brochure copy examples http://golfoutingsmarketing.com/ Get it instantly – profit Now!
Golf Outings Sales Manual

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