Top Ten Ways To Triple Your Outing Business


1. Use out bound telemarketing to grow your prospect list. You can easily build a list of 400 events in six weeks
2. Run ads in local publication “Win a Free Outing” to uncover leads
3. Drive them to a dedicated website to register
4. Make the website a complete long copy sales pitch
5. Duplicate long copy pitch with a 2 min video
6. Offer a free download on event planning for those that get to the website in other ways
7. Set auto responder emails to follow up with a strong sales message
8. Provide your sales team with prove objection and closing scripts (this can easily increase closing 33% or more)
9. Upgrade the event with up-sell offers
10. Read the Golf Outing Sales and Marketing Manual. This 261 page manual has everything you need from ads, to sales scripts, email to websites and hundreds of examples of brochures, sales letters etc… Get it instantly – profit Now!


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