The Top 10 Marketing Tactics in The Golf Industry


The Top 10 Marketing Tactics in The Golf Industry

Manager: Andrew, what are your thoughts on the top 10 marketing tactics in the golf industry. Let’s start with local print ads?

Andrew: Print ads are a waste of money for any golf property unless they drive people to an opt-in landing page, then they can be very good.

Manager: What about billboards?

Andrew: Same as Print Ads unless they point to the next exit.

Manager: How do you feel about direct mail?

Andrew: Awesome if the list is great, not so good and very expensive otherwise.

Manager: e-blast from local golf magazine?

Andrew: Great if driven to an opt-in page.

Manager: Buying 3rd party e-lists?

Andrew: Buying a 3rd party list can be very dodgy could be good, could get you blocked from a lot of email service providers.

Manager: Public Relations?

Andrew: Good but very nebulous.

Manager: Outbound sales calls?

Andrew: Awesome, but hard work & tough to find the right person on what the golf industry pays!

Manager: Local TV or radio?

Andrew: Same as print and expensive if the audience is not all golfers.

Manager: Groupon?

Andrew: Depends on your strategy & where you want your brand to be, could be great, but could also turn out very bad!

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Manager: What about using the Golf Now or Ez-Links platforms?

Andrew: Again, it all depends on your strategy. If you are a low-end discount golf course whose main goal is to survive on tiny margins and high volume, then they might be a very good option.

If not, it’s almost certainly a tactic that will hurt your brand & prices long term. For a mid-high range golf club, it’s the lazy manager’s option rather than building competitive advantage!

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