The World’s First Fully Automated, Hassle-Free, Hole-in-One Contest for Everyday Play

We’re always on the lookout for innovations that let golf courses add more value to their offering in order to excite and retain their members. We think we’ve uncovered a winner here – a new spin on the hole-in-one club.

Hole-in-one clubs have been around forever but are frankly pretty stale and boring, and they can be a chore for operators to manage. Want to re-energize your membership or daily players? Check out Digital Golf Technologies ( does it work? Your members sign up to be part of the hole-in-one club – just as they do now. But the prizes are far higher. Most clubs offer a maximum hole-in-one prize of $10,000, but DGT can offer prizes up to $1 million.They also offer very cool secondary prizes for great shots close to the pin.

How do we know if someone wins? DGT installs their technology system that includes unobtrusive high-definition cameras on a par 3 hole to capture and monitor every shot. So there are no witnesses or measuring required. And the cameras never show up late!

What are the other benefits? The golfer gets the video of their hole in one to keep forever – and you get to use that video for all sorts of publicity. Also, for the course operator, in addition to golfers having a better experience, with the DGT cameras on your course, you can book more tournaments.

How can it help me book more tournaments? Hole-in-one insurance is a pain in the bum. With DGT you don’t ever need to arrange for it again. The DGT solution has insurance already covered for you. DGT has special tournament packages that you can easily upsell or just include in your tournament packages to differentiate yourself.  No tournament or outing is too small, and including the hole-in-one contest is as simple as a phone call or email to your DGT account manager. Trust me; it works.

Is this just for private courses? No, DGT has all sorts of ways to work with golf clubs – from public to private and all in between. For instance, Greystone CC is a semi-private club in Cabot, Alaska. After installing the DGT system, here’s what their GM Richard Johnson had to say:

“DGT has been awesome for my course. We don’t have a hole-in-one club but with DGT now every one of my daily-play golfers is playing for a $10,000 hole-in-one prize every single day.  I could never have done that without DGT. Golfers love it. I also upsell a hole-in-one package to every tournament organizer. They love the convenience, the prizes and it’s a big differentiator in landing tournaments when I tell them they don’t have to do a thing to offer a hole-in-one prize.  Everyone wants it but not every organizer has the time to deal with it. Now they don’t have to.”


What does it cost the course? DGT pays for installation and the equipment. The course needs to guarantee DGT enough participation in the hole-in-one program to make it worth their while and your while. For most golf course operators that should be a no brainer.

Who should I contact to learn more?

Contact DGT’s Head of Sales,

Matt Dribnak



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