The NGCOA Is A Dying Organization That Needs New Leadership Fast!


The National Golf Course Owners Association is a third-rate organization whose glory days are long behind it. Propped up by big management companies and corporate sponsors, the NGCOA is entirely out of touch with its’ core membership. Their events are poor, their speakers are weak, and their “education” is influenced mainly by sponsors messages. It’s almost turned into a Golf Inc love fest!

Who wants to pay $800 to listen to a sales pitch?

We live in a world where disrupters rule and yet the NGCOA leadership totally ignores the golf industry’s leading disruptors like J.J. Keagan, Pellucid and Yours Truly. In favor of a mediocre line up of non-professional speakers, and corporate sponsors. That does not mean that some of these people don’t have something good to offer, John Cunningham for instance, but there are far too few exceptions to my statement. Backed up by the avalanche feedback I have heard for the last 3 years that the speakers were, “simply not worth the price of admission.”

Let’s Talk REAL Marketing Initiatives 

Instead of focusing on re-connecting with the 10 million, white, middle-aged males who have clubs in the garage. They waste time, money and effort on politically motivated programs that “feel good” and sound great in their endless stream of self-congratulatory press releases. Marketing campaigns that target Ghetto kids, women, minorities and possibly Eskimos. Anything, except the un-sexy, politically incorrect, beer-bellied, white, American male, with clubs and spending power. There are no kudos or press coverage given for severing that market. Only that market, if activated, is what will save the game for future generations by keeping golf courses alive for another two decades while they figure something else out to connect with a new generation! (Samples of my Legendary politically incorrect campaign below)

Leadership? What Leadership?

There was hope when new leadership came in things would be different, but sadly, things may even be worse. The recent and current leadership is rudderless, spineless and of questionable ethics. Standing by major sponsors in the wake of several scandals, over credit card fees, questionable data usage and more. Jay Karen, in fact, turns out to be just as big a mumper (look it up it’s the perfect word) as Mike Hughes was before him. Meanwhile, the board includes CEO’s of big management companies and sponsors whose ability to give, unbiased, industry advice may be tainted at best!

Look North for Leadership My Friends 

The NGCOA members in the USA would do well to look North of the border. The Canadian NGCOA runs a great event. Their leadership is not afraid of new ideas or disruptors, in fact, they embrace them. They generate amazing comradery at their events and do a great job of pleasing sponsors without selling out their members. I’d be looking there for my next CEO because if you don’t do it soon, there won’t be much left!

Enjoy San Diego, I’ll be in Ecuador enjoying the firsts two weeks, of this-years scheduled 24 weeks off :). Helps me stay amazingly creative!

All The Best,
Andrew Wood
PS: Here are a couple of samples from my new politically incorrect marketing campaign that includes over 50 elements. 

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