The Biggest Reason for Marketing Failure at Golf Courses


What Are The Biggest Reason for Marketing Failure at Golf Courses?

Manager: What’s the biggest reason for marketing failure?

Andrew: Not planning ahead, we give our clients a written 90-day marketing plan with 12 main outbound email offers, getting them approved is a nightmare. We are usually 6 weeks in before all of them approve the plan.

Manager: Are you not too far in advance?

Andrew: Look… it’s not rocket science we all know the golf season explodes the day after the Masters, July 4th is the day between the 3rd and 6th, Labor Day is the first Monday in September, clubs have 12-month event calendars!

Manager: What about flexibility?

Andrew: You can be a lot more flexible & add more if you already have 12 promos ready to go.

Manager: What about mailing too much?

Andrew: That can only happen is your emails are too boring… if they are engaging, entraining and educational people will embrace them. If all you do is mindless discounting then don’t bother sending them!

Manager: Do you do this with social media too?

Andrew: Yes, all our core posts are done 90 days in advance. Key dates don’t change, clubs can post pics & results after events.

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Manager: Is this a lot more than most clubs do?

Andrew: It is but by having all your marketing approved & loaded 90 days ahead it gives you far more time to add even more on the fly offers to fill soft spots. GO

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