Ten Ways Your Golf Course Should Be Using E-mail Marketing to Increase Your Business!


Ten Ways Your Golf Club Should Be Using E-mail Marketing to Increase Your Business!

1. Sales – This is obvious but is often the last of the ten things you should be doing not the first and only thing which is what most clubs do! Even when you do sell it’s better to wrap your message in a content sandwich rather than an all-out sales pitch!

Golf Course Email Marketing

2. Data collection and enhancement– This should be first on your list of email strategies. Emails change often and you must be constantly asking your people to update their data. You should also be using your emails to enhance your customer profiles. Trading something of value for additional insight into their playing habits like how often they play golf and how many of those rounds they play at your golf club!

You should also request they forward your emails to their friends so they too can enter your contest or download your coupon and continue to expand your database.

Golf Email Marketing

3. Entertainment and additional value – Again this is something few golf clubs really consider but your emails should be an extension of your club’s experience. In other words your emails should provide additional entertainment to your players, members or guests so the good feelings they get at your club extend into their daily lives.

Golf Club Email Marketing

4. Customer retention – Few golf clubs think of email as a customer retention tool but again high-quality emails expounding on the benefits of golf for health, fitness or business remind people of the value of your club. Get great content you can customize here: www.GolfOperatorAssociation.org.

Email Marketing

5. Nurturing them towards a large purchase like a membership, outing, wedding, vacation or home. This is a big one and once again one many golf clubs ignore this in the scramble for fast dollars. People need to feel comfortable with large purchases and emailing someone over time a series of educational messages and you will enhance the trust needed to make a larger sale.

Bad Email Marketing

How to quickly destroy your brand, send emails like this every day!

6. Brand awareness – Constantly emailing constantly high-quality information will build a positive brand for your golf club. Constantly sending out discount offers or cheesy low-end graphics like the emails you get daily from the 3rd party tee time vendors whose only purpose in life is a booking fee or reseal of your trade time will and often does accomplish the reverse.

7. To follow up and thank your customers for their business. Once again although the technology is built into many POS systems and web sites few golf clubs do this. Those that do often opt for nothing more than the basic default message that has long since failed to impress anyone. Chance the message often, using different graphics and offering frequent value added to the message will make an impact.

8. To connect and engage with your customers by soliciting feedback in the form or comments, surveys and various forms of consumer rankings such as Trip Advisor, Yelp or Facebook.

email marketing

9. To drive customers to specific event landing pages. Driving them to dedicated pages greatly increases response.

10. To keep them informed on the happenings at the club with a monthly or weekly newsletter. To included upcoming events, pictures of past events and winners. New members, holes in one, members’ success, or charity involvement beyond the golf club.

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