Have You Taken The Correct Position In Your Golf Course’s Market?


Have You Taken The Correct Position In Your
Golf Course’s Market?

Taking the correct position in your market will naturally draw people to you as it should also naturally repel those not in your core market. Remember defining a good strategy is more about exclusion than inclusion! The less you are committed to the more committed you can be to the right things, the things that clear give you a competitive advantage and will make a difference.

Your strategy must be congruent with your product and the service you can commit to providing to back it up. The narrower the market you aim to gain the easier it will be to point your forces, in that specific direction at the exclusion of all others.

This is the essence of strategy:

To focus your limited resources on providing more value than your competitors to a very specific market. Competitive strategy is about being different than your competition. It means deliberately choosing a different set of activities, what you will do and what you will not do to deliver a unique mix of value to your customers!

A big part of developing a strategy is getting rid of those people who are not your market. Strategy is an exclusionary process developing it is one of the few times in life where discrimination is a good thing!

Strategy requires you make trade-offs in competing for what to do and what not to do. Some competitive activities will naturally be incompatible with others and gains in one area can only be achieved at the expense of another.

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