So What Makes Your Golf Club So Special?


So What Makes Your Golf Club So Special?

So your area is saturated with decent, daily fee courses, or for that matter private clubs, all fighting for survival. You all have 18 holes, a clubhouse, and a bar. You all cut the greens every day and you all at least claim, to have good service (I mean have you ever been to a golf club where someone tells you service is bad?) So why should I pick YOUR golf club?

What is unique, truly unique about your golf club – unique enough among the common clutter of shared features and benefits to get me to spend my money with you?

Let’s switch for a moment and get you thinking in another direction about this very same topic. Within a given price range, what’s the difference between one hotel and another?

Not much!

But sometimes even something small is enough to influence a person’s purchasing decision. I now try to book my stays at Westin hotels, not because they are particularly better in any respect from other higher- end hotels, but they do offer and MARKET very cozy beds. I think they call them “heavenly beds” but whatever they call them, I can tell you this, it’s the closest thing I can come to sleeping in my own bed when I am on the road. What’s more, I’m willing to travel a little further out of my way and pay a little more to get it!

At a lower price point, driving cross-country, I would choose Wingate Inns. Only, in this case, I would choose them because I KNOW they will have working high-speed Internet access. It astonishes that ALL hotels these days don’t, but they don’t, so why get stuck?

These are two simple examples of setting yourself apart, in an incredibly crowded market!

So what ONE Unique SELLING Proposition are you going to build on and CHAMPION in your marketplace?

Making Your Club The ONE They Choose

Read Making Your Golf Club The ONE They Choose

All it takes is ONE, but without it, you are just another golf club looking for business! With the right USP, you can increase the response to all of your marketing efforts, by an astonishing amount!

To learn more about the critical importance of developing a USP for your club and an in-depth look at 77 ways you can create excitement from within your club invest in Making Your Club the OnE They Choose.

You invest just once, the payoff lasts forever!! Learn more here

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