Should Our Golf Course Do Any Winter Marketing?


Should Our Golf Course Do Any Winter Marketing?

Manager: We just closed our golf course for the season, should we do any winter marketing?

Andrew: Of course, Terri! Winter is actually a great time to market your golf course.

Manager: What do you mean?

Andrew: Start with daily posts on Facebook, 3 to 4 is ideal.

Manager: 3 to 4 sounds like a lot…. we are not even open!

Andrew: You need to stay connected to your customers, if you don’t someone else will hijack them.

Manager: What should we post then?

Andrew: You can post about where to play in Florida or Spain, contests, funny pictures, videos, golf instruction, articles, anecdotes, jokes anything that engages, educates or entertains your customers. Your Facebook page is an extension of your golf club’s business & your golf club’s business is entertainment!

Manager: I never thought of it like that!

Andrew: Look at Facebook as your own private golf magazine! YouTube as your own Golf Channel, your golf club’s blog as your own newspaper. You own an entire media company and you didn’t even know it!

Manager: Wow that’s an interesting way to look at it. I can control the media, but where can I get all this content from it will cost a fortune?

Andrew: Nope you can get everything you need for about the cost of a single round right here at the Golf Operator Association.

Manager: That’s awesome!

Andrew: You can also pre-sell golf outings, memberships and season passes.

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Manager: We do that, but only up until Christmas. Then we start again in March.

Andrew: No keep it going all year long.

Manager: I better start upping my game!

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