Increase Your Email Open Rates Using Send Time Optimization


Increase Your Email Open Rates Using Send Time Optimization

Email Marketing is the most common way golf operations communicate with their database, but with email marketing you’re not just competing with the golf course down the street… you’re competing with emails from Amazon, Groupon, Billing Notifications, other interests a person may have, and pretty much every other business that has an online presence.

It’s Hard to Get Heard

With all of these other companies sending out emails, it’s hard to make sure that your email actually gets opened. The majority of golf operations have not spent the time to analyze the response they get from their list from sending at different times, so they just send out a last minute message, as needed, whether it be at 10:00 AM or 10:00 PM, their email gets sent out with the hope people will read it.

Everyone Opens Their Email at a Different Time

People check their email at different times, on various devices, and while doing different things. Some people check their inbox on their phone before they get out of bed. Some people will check their email on their computer after they get to the office. Some might engage with their emails in the evening, when their kids go to sleep, or when they get home from work.

Example: Joe opens and engages with his emails at 8:00 AM everyday, Mark opens his at 9:00 AM everyday, and Tom doesn’t open his until 11:00 AM. Why should they all get the same message at 2:00 PM or whenever you send it? Wouldn’t it be great if they got the message when they were most likely to be checking it on an individual basis?

Introducing Send Time Optimization

Send Time Optimization does exactly that, and it is available now from Legendary Marketing and Tee Time Revolution . With send time optimization, the Legendary Marketing email system will build a profile based around the end users habits on when they are most likely to ENGAGE with your emails, engage meaning not just open, but most likely to click on a link from the email or share the email on social media.

Why should everyone receive an email from
your golf operation at the time of send?

Send Time Optimization allows you to leverage the data you receive from the user based on how they engage and interact with your emails. If a user is more likely to open and click a link in an email you have sent at a certain time, the email system will deliver the email to them in that time frame, ensuring that your message is ALWAYS at the top of their inbox and not mixed together with the emails they received since the last time they checked their email.

What would increasing your open rate by up to 220% do for your golf operation? It’s just one of the ways Tee Time Revolution can grow your bottom-line 7 to 15% in 2018.

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