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What happens when someone calls your club or resort to ask about weddings? This happens less and less in the digital age but how your people answer the phone can make a difference. It won’t make the sale for you, but poorly-answered phones can and will make a bad impression that could LOSE you the business. So it’s sort of like a golf tournament like the U.S. Open. You can’t win it on the first day, but you can certainly lose it on the first day.

Here’s what your receptionist should say when someone calls about weddings.

Receptionist: Hello—this is Legendary Country Club, how may I help you?

Wedding Prospect: I’d like to get some information about weddings.

Receptionist: Absolutely. This is a wonderful place for weddings and we very much appreciate that you have called. Our wedding coordinator is Susanne Winter and I’ll put you through to her right now. If you get her voice mail, leave a message and she will call you back, usually within 24 hours.

When the prospect gets through to Susanne Winter’s line but gets voice mail. What is the voice mail going to say? This again should be scripted.

Thank you for calling. This is Susanne Winter’s voice mail on (date). I would very much like to hear about your wedding plans. Right now, I’m away from the phone so please leave your name and phone number. If you haven’t already, please visit our website— That’s Thank you!

If a prospect gets through to Susanne right away, she should have a script for first-time callers—that pre-qualifies them a bit and also gets them to make an appointment.

Susanne: Hello this is Susanne Winters, wedding coordinator.

Wedding Prospect: Yes, I’d like to check on your availability for a wedding.

Susanne: Certainly. Have you visited our club?

Wedding Prospect: I have not.

Susanne: We’d love to have you out here. But first what date did you have in mind?

(At this point, whether you say yes or no to a specific date depends on how close it is to the current date. If it’s in six weeks and you’re booked then you’ll have to say no. However, if it’s a year away then you have some wiggle room, even if you are booked.)

Susanne: We have that date tentatively booked but it’s not set in stone. Why don’t you come by and we can see about that date and maybe some others close to it? Do you have some time in the next few days?

You cannot lie and say that you have availability if you don’t. But things can change in the course of a year and part of your job is getting prospects to see the club or resort and also getting people who are unsure or who have something tentatively booked to firm up their dates and hand over a check.

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