How to Sell More Tee Times and Increase Revenue at Your Golf Course


There Are Only Three Ways to Grow Your Golf Business and You Are Not Doing Any of Them… Effectively!

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1. Increase your number of players.

There are lots of ways golf clubs try to do this: Third party tee time resellers, coupon companies, print ads, social media and their own often feeble website efforts. Few, if any, track the actual results but in the clubs where I have gone back and done some forensic accounting for them, the results are poor at best.

To increase the number of players, you must dramatically increase the amount of traffic you generate. While there are expensive short-term fixes to this problem, such as pay per click ads, google ads, advertising on a local web portal or print magazine where they still exist, these can only produce short-term spikes in traffic that evaporate in as little as 48 hours.

There are only two long-term solutions to this problem:

1) A major SEO effort which quite frankly is only worth it if you are in a metro area and only then if you are a resort, have little competition, a high daily green fee or a real estate development.

2) Build your own huge opt-in database. How important is this? Even where we had a resort with 50 top ten, SEO positions and over 60,000 Facebook fans, 84% of our traffic still came from our own e-mail database!

Building a large email database is something you must commit to 24/7, 365. It never ends! Once you do build a substantial list, say 50% of the players in your market you must keep replenishing it. This is one of the simplest and most powerful marketing strategies you can commit to but few clubs do. To do so properly you must have multiple landing pages, a real Facebook marketing budget, a Facebook ad professional to target the right players and an onsite effort to back it up at the counter.

Whatever you are doing now, Legendary Marketing can blow it out of the water in a matter of weeks, not months!

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2. Increase the frequency of your players’ repurchase

How do you get your customers to buy your green fees, product, and services more often to get more total value out of each player?

Once again traffic is king, the more often you touch customers in different ways the more often they will show up PROVIDED you touch them in the right way. Mailing discount tee time offer after discount tee time offer is a SURE way to destroy the value of your mailing list! Most people understand this and will be the first to point out that “They don’t want junk offer after junk offer in “their” inbox” but they are simply too lazy or too stupid to do anything else. So they allow their third-party vendors or their amateur marketing person to just mail it in, I mean something is better than nothing right?

Wrong, there are three proven way to increase repurchase and beating customers to death with discount offers is not one of them!

You increase the frequency of purchase with frequent high-quality emails that provides the customer with value as well as the potential to buy!

  • You increase your open rates by segmenting your mailing lists
  • You increase your open rates with high-quality subject lines and copy
  • You increase your open rates by using the latest technology like send time optimization
  • You increase open rates by having a prior reputation that if the customer opens your email there will be something interesting that makes him smile or somehow enhances his day.
  • You can also dramatically increase additional purchases using marketing automation on your website. This technology automatically sends customized offers to people in your database based on which pages, or how long they stay on a specific page on your website. (Currently, Legendary Marketing is the only company in the golf industry offering this cutting-edge technology)
  • You can also increase repurchase with daily with high-quality social media content keeping your top of the mind awareness.

That means if you are using a third-party tee time vendor you are SCREWED because none of this is happening.

If most clubs spent their entire marketing budget on just these first two strategies and canceled every other initiative they would see a dramatic rise in the number of rounds they sold! Instead, most clubs squander their limited recourses across a wide range of ineffective marketing initiatives hoping one might work instead of betting it all on a single proven strategy that actually does work!

3. Increase the average transaction value.

How can you get customers to buy more of what you sell each time they call, visit, or click? If ten people stand at the pro shop counter to buy a green fee for $40, the 80/20 rule says that if all were offered the chance to buy five green fees for, say, the price of four, two people would do it, increasing your income by almost 100%. Simple, yet almost no one does it. While the customer is standing right there in front of them, daily-fee golf clubs could sell three rounds or five rounds instead of one. Hotels could sell a second night or as re-stay later in the year.

There’s no cost other than the few moments of time it takes to make the offer:

Sir if you’d like to invest in three rounds today instead of just one I can offer you a free $45 golf shirt ($20 cost) or just a fourth-round free (zero cost) All golf clubs can increase transactional value astonishingly quickly with just 15-30 minutes of sales training (See for great training resources)

Another great way to increase the average transaction value is to use Dynamic Pricing at your golf course. Most golf courses owners and operators review their pricing structure once or twice per year without taking into account the many daily variables that impact the value of each individual tee time.

In an ideal scenario, a golf club should do all three and enjoy exponential growth by increasing their number of players, increasing the frequency of their purchases and increasing their transactional value! No one can help you do this faster than the world’s leader in golf, resort and destination marketing!

All The Best,

Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
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