Replay Round Strategy


Using The Replay Round Strategy at Your Golf Course

The only thing better than owning a beachfront mansion is having a friend who owns a beachfront mansion. You get to enjoy the place anytime you want without the hassle of property taxes and maintenance. Thus, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend visit to the Palm Coast area.

While there, I did something I hardly ever do — I paid to play golf at Ocean Hammock Resort, just like a regular consumer. My friend and I walked into the pro shop and ponied up $160 each to play the Nicklaus track. The golf course, which we played from the tips, was in great shape and the weather was perfect, with a strong breeze keeping it cool. Despite bogeying two of the last three holes by three-putting, I managed to limp in with a 74 for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Since there was no one on the golf course and according to our GPS, we had finished the round 1 hour and 37 minutes ahead of pace; we decided to see about another nine holes. My friend walked into the shop only to walk out a few seconds later shaking his head, “Forget it,” he said, “They want another $80 each for nine holes!” Now he could well afford such a cost but perhaps demoralized by his 6 and 5 dubbing, he simply wasn’t going to pay $80 for more abuse.

The whole thing got me thinking, though. Why would a resort like this, empty as it was, a month ahead of the prime season, not have an attractive replay fee, say 50% less or even cart fee only? We would have gone away happier and they would have made more money on green fees as well as on drinks and incidentals.

Failing that, why not offer two prices at check-in, $160 for the round or say, $199 for the day?

Better still, for you big thinkers, how about a weekend pass, say $399, for all weekend?

Whatever the right equation is, there has to be a point in the bell curve, wherein the offseason, offering two or more choices would produce significantly more income than the occasional second round at full price.

Whatever you decide on pricing, always offer a replay round when they check in. Just asking can increase sales by over 20%!

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