Do I Really Need a PGA Pro?


Course Owner: Do I really need a PGA pro?

AW: What are you thinking?

Owner: I’ll just put a girl in the shop.

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AW: You need someone in the shop who understands and has passion for the game

Owner: So, I’ll get a girl who plays golf and save myself $20,000 a year.

AW: What about teaching people to play and growing the game?

Owner: He spends too much time teaching. I’ll leave that to the driving range down the street.

AW: What about club fitting?

Owner: We don’t sell many clubs it’s hardly worth it.

AW: What about running tournaments and events?

Owner: We have a computer program that does that.

AW: I don’t think you understand what an integral part of the golf experience the PGA pro is to most of us who love the game?

Owner: Maybe not but money is tight and he’s not growing revenue?

AW: Does he control the marketing budget and direct the marketing strategy?

Owner: No

AW: Then how can you expect him to grow revenue?


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