Is Your Marketing Strategic or Random?


98% of marketing done in the golf business is random & totally ineffective. Just a series of email offers rarely backed with corresponding blog posts, content marketing, YouTube videos & Facebook ads. The central theme is seldom built upon and the following month the direction & offers change.

Golf Marketing Example

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Two types of customers to consider:

1) The existing player/member must be reminded to participate & be continuously educated, in subtle ways as to why golf is so important to his life!

2) Not yet a customer – He must be enticed to opt-in and then nurtured through a stream of content that engages, educates and entertains. So nothing like you currently do!

In both cases, there must be a stream of valuable content delivered in multiple channels, in a strategic way that builds trust, positions your club as the best source of information & the best place to enjoy the many benefits of golf.

What most golf clubs do, especially those using GolfNow/Ezlinks, is the exact opposite. Sending nothing but mindless discount offers, devastating their lists & destroying their brand!

Golf Marketing Example 2

Marketing Example #2 – Click Image for Full Size

Legendary Marketing campaigns are built around a central theme, then executed strategically, across multiple channels for you!

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