PTE Golf Announces New Product: the ‘Golf Cup Lifter’


Winter Park, FL 7/6/2020 – PTE Golf announces a partnership with Golf Cup Lifter, the premier product for providing a safe, socially distant golfing experience. 

Per the latest USGA rules of golf following 13.2a(2), “There will no longer be a penalty if a ball played from the putting green hits a flag stick left in the hole.” Coinciding with covid-19, many clubs have been looking for ways to retrieve golf balls hands-free. Rather than using foam inserts in the holes, which can hold bacteria, why not make things easy on your players and provide a hands-free alternative that’s more sanitary, more convenient, and more aesthetically pleasing?

Unlike other similar products on the market, the Golf Cup Lifter wraps completely around the flag stick, and is made of high density polyethylene. The Lifter is extremely durable to all of the elements. It is easy to set up and takes less than a minute to be installed onto any 0.5″ standard or tapered golf flag. The material used is rated for UV protection and is also waterproof. When hit by the golf ball, the Lifter’s plastic bends— rated up to 55 lbs of force, you won’t have to worry about our Lifter breaking. 

To use the Golf Cup Lifter, after hitting one’s ball into the hole, the player would simply hook their golf club on the handle of the Lifter and pull upward in a swift motion; the ball will pop out of the hole, no bending over or contact required! 

“These devices are a perfect solution to the COVID situation, and their use will extend to seniors once COVID is over. They’re so simple to install and use; I can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner,” says CEO Matt Pollitt of the product. 

Priced at just $159 for a nine-hole set, $229 for 18 holes, $299 for 27 holes, and $359 for 36 holes, our Golf Cup Lifter is less than one-third the cost of similar products on the market. Each set comes with an extra Lifter, in case a spare is needed; additional replacements can be purchased, as well. 

About PTE Golf

PTE Golf stands for Professional Tournament Enhancements, and that’s exactly what they do: provide a variety of originally designed items specifically for PGA Professionals, Tournament Directors, and Event Coordinators to elevate the appearance and operation of their clubs. Founded by a PGA Professional Bobby Pollitt and his son, Matt Pollitt, in 2004, PTE Golf’s products are formulated to fix common issues that club owners run into when operating a golf course. 


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