The Second Biggest Problem With Your Website


Fresh back from two weeks of fun on the road doing consulting visits with several private clubs and a couple of daily fees. All had the same totally ineffective websites.

The number one reason a website is ineffective is simply that it does not generate leads: membership leads, outings leads, wedding leads, banquet leads, meeting leads and lesson leads! The reason for this is that 99% of websites were never designed to generate leads because the designers don’t know how and the operators don’t know they should, but it’s the second reason I want to focus today on the quality of your copy. And by that I don’t mean the quality of your spelling and grammar, I mean the quality of your sales pitch!

If You Don’t Have a High-Quality Sales Pitch, You Might As Well Not Bother With a Website For All The Good It Will Do You!

Pictures attract attention – copy makes the sale!

Good sales copy includes:

  • Great headlines
  • Great story
  • Lots of customer-centric benefits
  • Proof in the form of testimonials, rankings, and endorsements
  • A good offer
  • And a specific call to action

There are many reasons people have poor copy on their sites, including a belief that no one reads, it but nothing is more important to your online success than a great sales pitch! That’s why top copywriters demand large fees because a great sales pitch is a license to print money!

Here is an example I just wrote for Treetops using the new scrolling format that is the latest trend on the Internet. This is what ALL your sales pitches should look like if you want to increase sales, which we have done by over a million dollars a year for the last three years.

Remember this axiom, “The more you tell, the more you sell!”

Is your website copy helping your sales…?

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