BUFFALO, NY – OnCore Golf Technology, Inc. is excited to announce PGA legend Gary Player will be hitting the VERO X1 at the 84th Masters Ceremonial Tee Off. This will be the second straight year Player – a career grand slam winner – will use an OnCore golf ball at Augusta National.

“OnCore Golf is thrilled that Mr. Player chooses an OnCore golf ball as his ball of choice.  Being a direct-to-consumer (DTC) company, endorsements like this validates for the golf world that a DTC brand can compete on the larger stage. Not only has an OnCore ball made its way to Augusta two years running, but our product has been played in several other professional golf tournaments and Majors in recent years,” states Steve Coulton, VP and cofounder of OnCore Golf.

OnCore’s ELIXR tour balls have been seen at both the 2019 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, where Andy Pope put it in play and the 2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills where Michael Hebert used the ball.  Andy Pope recently converted from the ELIXR to the newly-introduced OnCore VERO X1 and will be putting that ball in play for the 2021 Season.

“After Mr. Player had spent two weeks play testing the VERO X1 earlier this year, I received a voice mail from him that I’ve kept to this day,” commented Keith Blakely, OnCore’s CEO.  “While he offered a lot of great comments, the one that I enjoyed the most was his simple declaration: “I’ve never played a better ball”.  You can’t ask for much higher praise and we’ve been hearing similar comments from golfers of all skill levels since launching the ball this summer.”

For more information, please visit for OnCore’s full suite of award-winning golf balls; AVANT55 ($19.99), ELIXR™ ($29.99) and VERO X1 ($39.99).

About OnCore Golf Technology, Inc.

OnCore Golf is dedicated to delivering breakthrough technology and innovation while inspiring all golfers to achieve peak performance. The company entered the golf ball industry through development of the first-ever commercially available USGA-conforming hollow metal core ball and has since developed a growing suite of differentiated products that includes the soft low-compression AVANT 55, the award-winning ELIXR tour ball, and the recently introduced top-performing VERO X1 tour ball.  For more information about OnCore Golf, visit


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