PGA to Ban Members from Reading Confessions of a Golf Pro?


Dear Mr. Wood:

I am a PGA member and an attorney. I was handed a copy of your book Confessions of a Golf Pro, which I read. Although I admit to the occasional chuckle I found this book deeply offensive:

PGA professionals DO NOT refer to “certain” difficult members as “Dickheads!”

Nor do they Fantasize about bedding every large breasted MILF they teach on the range

They rarely drink alcohol

And NEVER gamble with members

The don’t yell profanity on the course, even when they shank a wedge after a 300-yard drive, even, on “boys trips”!

And you will NOT find naked pictures anywhere on their computers (including the deleted trash)

Your contention that every teaching pro, teaches style-based mambo jumbo based on whatever letter of the alphabet they happen to like, A-swing, X-swing etc, is also insulting to the massive diversity of golf pro’s, teaching 28,000 different styles to the unsuspecting public.

The emails your pro, “Jerry” sends to his members are racist, sexist and he can’t spell either.

Your book is nothing but lies….

I will propose at the next section meeting (in between another rules seminar) that the PGA excommunicate any member found in possession of your book thus losing the long list of privileges PGA members enjoy (like FREE golf).

I suggest you remove Confessions of a Golf Pro, from publication at once or I will be forced to take further action.


Richard Cranium, ESQ,
PGA Master Professional, PhD, 3CpO, R2D2

PS. This is the book should be removed from here at once:


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