Generating More Golf Outing Leads with Social Media


How You Can Generate More Golf Outing Leads with Social Media

You should already be engaging in a more general social media marketing plan to grow all of your golf club’s business but here I just want to mention three really specific ways you can use social media to generate qualified outing leads:

Use Facebook and Twitter posts to drive traffic to your outings site.


Use a Facebook Like Me Promo to generate outing leads directly from Facebook.


Use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool to generate outing leads


Profiles on LinkedIn include all types of people: top executives, middle management, salespeople, business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, and micro businesses. These are the very people most likely to book golf outings (and other business) at your club. In other words, they are your perfect prospects.

Let’s say you have a course in Cincinnati and want to get the local BMW dealership’s outing business. A quick search delivers Rick, who’s also in charge or advertising; perhaps a tee sponsor or GPS opportunity as well?

Understanding the importance of LinkedIn and how it
can help you grow your outing business is an important part
of your social media strategy.

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