Golf Marketing Strategy – Mergers with Other Golf Clubs


Mergers with Other Golf Clubs

Increase your marketing power by sharing amenities and cost savings.

Excludes – Those without a suitable set of amenities or benefits to offer.

Targets – Financially struggling clubs who hope to cut costs, normal clubs looking to expand value to their members by allying with a complimentary club. Clubs with a big upside opportunity to sell the land that needs somewhere for their members to land.

Examples – Brookridge Golf and Country Club and Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club, KS, Mayfield Country Club and Sand Ridge Golf Club, OH, Kingswood Golf Club and Peninsula Country Golf Club merged in September of 2013. This was the first merger of two golf clubs in Australia.

Tactics: One on one discussion with target clubs in the immediate area.

Commentary: This is a strategy that is increasingly popular with clubs in the USA, UK, and Australia all adopting it in recent months. The concept being to streamline costs while offering additional benefits and value to members. In many cases, they may consolidate the maintenance staff and machinery, open dining on an alternative night and share a golf instructor or bookkeeper. In many cases, the two clubs offer complimentary services to each other one may have a better clubhouse, the other a better range, tennis courts, pool or a fitness center.

In others, one club closes and the members of both clubs become members of the stronger or better club which then has a better chance of survival since there is one less club to compete against.

Opportunity: Look for synergy in the local market

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