Spend Less Not More – Just Spend it in the Right Places


Spend Less at Your Golf Club, Not More – Just Spend it in the Right Places

Creating a Marketing Budget for Your Golf Club

Timeless advice really, but what are the right places today? How can you get maximum results from dollars spent?

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One, Your website is the command center of all marketing.  Having the cheapest website in town just doesn’t cut it, nor does having an expensive and ‘pretty’ site that can’t track your marketing and your sales leads in one place. You must invest first and foremost in great technology; it will save you money and make you money faster than any other investment.

Two, Backup your technology investment with an investment in marketing staff. Outsource staff to execute your online plan. It’s too hard to keep training people and your club to execute a web plan and if done properly, it’s NOT a full-time job anyway. Hire someone offsite to execute the plan. Reduce your payroll and deal with people who know what they are doing – marketing professionals.  Your golf professional was hired to take care of members, play golf and run tournaments.  Your Membership Director is to sell memberships.  They aren’t marketing professionals so don’t expect them to be.  That is not their expertise.  Without a commitment to professional online program such as the ones that Legendary Marketing an offer, your offline programs will almost certainly flop.

Three, Direct Mail. Once you have built and sorted a database using your website, there is NO better way to generate response than by good old-fashioned direct mail. The very type of approach that every NUMB SKULL graphic designer and ad agency type in the world will tell you not to do is, of course, the VERY STRATEGY that works consistently better than anything else! (little-known truth — Graphic Designers and Ad Agencies want to win awards for pretty, not effective pieces.)  Especially true in the golf business where the prime market is 35-65!!  This group wants information; not pretty pictures.

Four, Focus. Pick two or three key target markets like membership and outings and focus 80% of your budget in those areas rather than spreading it around everywhere. Go deep, not wide.

Five, Read your marketing reports.  Stop doing everything that is not producing a return and load up on those things that are producing results. Simple advice, but with a few exceptions, people rarely actually do it!  But then the only way you will know is by tracking every piece of marketing that you do.  You must!

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