How to Make $150,000 a Year Teaching Golf – Part 2


In video two of our eight video series to help golf teaching pro’s make a six-figure income you will learn:

  • How to set some goals for data collection “He with the biggest database of students and prospects wins” emails, snail mails, and Facebook fans, start with 500, then aim for 1,000. Collect data every day at least 3!
  • The Minimum requirements daily data collection one, weekly seven monthly thirty, quarterly 90, yearly 360. Better would be triple this amount. Understand this if you don’t have the prospects you can’t get the students.
  • The 80/20 rule applies if you have 1,000 potentials 200 of them will provide 80% of your income. Perhaps less than that but 200 active is way more than enough to make six figures.
  • Define your USP – Unique Selling Proposition
  • Post to Facebook daily, engage, educate and entertain. (we do one a day for you should do more)
  • Send out an email inviting people to “like” your fan page Invite current friends that are students or prospects to like your page SEE the build an audience tab at the top of your fan page
  • Blog at the very least once per week
  • Send out an email at least once a week
  • Understand your pricing and what exactly you have to do to make six figures.
  • Does your current pricing get you there based on the numbers of hours you want to work? If not you need to change it!

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