How to Make $150,000 a Year Teaching Golf – Part 3


How to Make $150,000 a Year Teaching Golf – Part 3

This informative 8 part series will help any teaching pro maximize their income. In video three you will learn:

    • What needs to happen for you to make $100,000? Understand the math.really understand it. How much do you have to make per hour? How many hours are you willing to work?
    • How much can you make in residual income?
  • Does the math add up to success?
  • Work should enhance your life not consume it
  • Are you in the right location…? Maybe you should move!
  • You need to be around $66 an hour to make $100K on a 40 hour week
  • How long should your lessons be? How about 45-minute lessons instead of an hour or maybe even 30 minutes!
  • Coaching program may be far better!
  • 80/20 rule focus on the top 20!
  • Ask for referrals from the top 20%
  • Get out the mind set of selling your life by the hour
  • Write your STORY on one page of paper
  • Why you fell in love with the game why teaching is your true purpose in life!
  • The more emotional and real your story the better.

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