An Interview With a Golf Club Manager


Manager: Does your marketing always work?

AW: No

Manager: Why not? Aren’t you the golf marketing expert?

AW: It depends on many factors, population, conditioning, reputation, competition, attitude & training of the staff.

Manager: What’s most important?

AW: Grass, database, great content marketing & sales training. Sales should be first but no one wants to hear that.

Manager: What do they want?

AW: They want to hear that their website, email, and social media done right will magically increase revenue!

Manager: Will it?

AW: In many cases, YES, because what they were doing was so poor, in others no.

Manager: What’s the difference?

AW: Location & how engaged the manager is. Is he willing to plan in advance? Does he respond quickly emails or requests to fund a project? Have they adopted the “one strategy”? Do they read what’s available to help them & train their staff to sell!

Manager: Do they?

AW: Some do, most are too busy running their operation. It takes a major shift in thinking to become a sales & marketing culture.

Manager: What do you guarantee?

AW: I generate more leads than anyone in the industry, follow up with engaging emails & state of the art marketing automation to drive revenue. Provide a strategy & sales scripts. The rest I can only offer advice, hope they take it & pray for good weather!

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