Increase the Frequency of Your Communications and You Will Increase Play Dramatically!


Increase the Frequency of Your Communications and You Will Increase Play at Your Golf Course Dramatically!

The vast majority of golf clubs are so afraid of offending their members or players with too much communication that they make the mistake of providing too little communication too.

But does an increase in communication really increase play?

That’s a big YES.

If you send an email offer once you might get 40 players to print out a coupon. If you suppress all the emails of people who opened the first email and resend the same offer, your average rate of response is an additional 50%!

I have done this thousands of times and that’s the average — an additional 50% RESPONSE!

That means you get 60 players rather than 40 and all you did was hit send. Now imagine if you did that 30-40 more times per year! Amazing isn’t it? And do you know how many clubs do this? That would be some of my top clients plus a handful and that’s about it!

Even just emailing something twice a week instead of once significantly increases business. Most golf clubs don’t email often enough or re-mail at all!

Let’s take an offer or event you post on Facebook, statistically, only 6% of your fans see any given post so to even get a quarter of your fans to see it, you have to post four times.

Or spend a dollar or two, that’s all it would take at most golf clubs to promote the post to ALL of your clubs fans and their friends using Facebook ads. So instead of reaching 60 people you reach 1600 people!

Okay, so the golf industry, in general, does not take social media seriously; let’s go retro instead.  150 guys showed up to play this Saturday. How many of them went home with a flyer asking them to play again? To take a golf lesson, buy a membership or bring a friend for FREE next Tuesday?

That would be none! Yes, my friends it not hard to see why the golf industry has issues!


One more big item; if your emails look anything like this you are completely missing the boat on building your brand, connecting with your players and providing entertainment.

You might as well be selling tires!

Your emails should be fun, entertaining, engaging, informative, useful, topical and interesting! In other words nothing like 80 percent of the emails I get from clubs!

You should also use your email to constantly remind (SELL) players of the positive benefits of playing golf: lose weight, make friends, and expand your business. Once again with the exception of my Legendary Marketing clients, I have never seen this done and I am on 100 plus email lists from clubs around the world!


People need to be resold and reminded, even on things that are inherently good for them. Give them reasons to play…Yes, sell them on coming out to play!

All The Best,

Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
Direct: 352-266-2099


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