How to Run a Successful Golf Outing Lead Generation, Telemarketing Campaign


How to Run a Successful Golf Outing Lead Generation, Telemarketing Campaign

One of the best ways to generate qualified golf outing leads to add to your existing database is through a strong telemarketing (tele-research) campaign.

Remember he with the biggest database of golf outing prospects, in your area, will dominate the golf outing market!

In a world of Do Not Call Lists and gatekeepers, you need a proven system to get your offer to the correct person every time.  This system has produced a minimum of 400 qualified leads for every golf outings campaign that we have run in a metro area.

You have the choice of either running your campaign in-house (either with your own staff or by bringing in a temporary staff member, like a college student or a temp service to help) or you can also outsource your campaign to a professional company that specializes in telemarketing. Whichever route you choose, you will cut your costs and increase effectiveness by using this custom golf outings telemarketing system

Establish Your Offer

First, you need to establish the offer that your representative will make when calling.

Here you have three choices;

  1. Simply ask for information
  2. Offer to send them a Free copy of your booklet on how to run a golf outing or fundraising event.
  3. The best offer is, of course, the free round offer.  An offer of free golf and perhaps a lunch will make the prospect your captive for 4-5 hours as you highlight your course and its amenities.

In-House Campaign

The in-house campaign option allows you to manage every aspect of your campaign with resources you have at hand and people you directly hire to fulfill the campaign.  You will need to devote one person full time to the campaign to ensure all of the data you are collecting stays current.  With one person devoted to the campaign, you should be able to complete a campaign in 60 days.

Present the Position Agreement for what is expected of the person running your campaign.  You can find a sample position agreement in the appendix. Position agreements a very important to meeting your objectives. It is very important should you decide to use an in-house employee that you continue on with the campaign even when you think that the person running the campaign could benefit you as a beverage cart attendant or as a starter for the day. It’s important to keep the momentum up!

Timeline for your telemarketing campaign

Day 1             Study your calling area and studying the club fact sheet

Day 1             Define your target market

Day 1-5         Build your Database

Day 5            Organize your database

Day6              Get comfortable with script and tweak it if necessary

Day 7             Calling, Reports, create your fax, practice

Day 60           Research Ends

Day 61           Create Summary Manual in triplicate

Building Your Data Base

The internet opens up an entire world of prospect opportunities.  You will want to focus your efforts on building your database with Business Leads, this will keep you from getting into sticky situations with the Do Not Call Lists.  You can, of course, buy lists in your area through web services such as Hoovers or Dun and Bradstreet. If you choose to build your own list, follow these steps but remember you still have to get the name of the decision maker.

Defining Your Target Market

There are certain types of business and organizations that are more likely than others to hold an outing or event. We have identified the business with the best response rates about hosting outings.  You can begin with this list and add your local business markets as well.

Next, you will need to build your list, the following businesses will be targets:

  • Associations
  • Societies
  • Foundations
  • Auto Dealers
  • Banks
  • Beverage Distributors
  • Business & Trade Organizations
  • Clubs of all kind
  • Charities of all kinds
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Construction Companies
  • Credit Unions
  • Churches & Religious Organizations
  • Elected Officials
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Junior Colleges
  • Lawyers and Law Firms
  • High Schools
  • Health Services
  • Home Builders
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers
  • Non-Profits of all kinds
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Radio & TV stations
  • Pharmaceutical Manufactures
  • Professional Engineers
  • Sports teams of all kinds
  • Universities
  • College

Using the Internet to Build Your List

Why build a list from scratch? Simply, because it will most likely be a more current list and will often provide a name or some data that is more valuable than a simple title.

Superpages is an online phone book that will help you build your list by
just punching in a few keywords.  The following steps will assist you in building your list.

1.  Visit and you will see a Search by distance option under more search options.


2.  Enter one of the primary targets as your keyword.

3.  Choose the Search within 15 miles.
4.  Enter your Zip code or City and State.
5.  Click Find It.

6.  A list of results will be returned.  Click on the links provided under the Related Categories.

7.  Add the results to an Excel Spreadsheet (or your CRM). You will want to record the following

Company Name Company Phone Company Address City State Zip

You will typically need 4000 leads to establish 400 prospects. 

Organize Your Database for Calling

You will want to organize your database for calling you can use something as simple as an Excel Spreadsheet at first, but you will want something much more robust when you start calling for the campaign. 

You will use the following Statuses to know what to do next with each prospect:

  • Golf Outings Sales

    Add 50,000-150,000, Dollars, Pounds, or Euros to Your Club’s Bottom Line with The Golf Outing Sales & Marketing Manual!

    Bad Information is either Wrong or changed number

  • Busy Signal record
  • Call Prospect Back
  • Duplicate
  • Extensive Hold
  • Faxed Information
  • Left Message
  • Not Interested
  • Please Invite

Your Calling Area and Club

Have your tele-researcher (Always sounds better than telemarketing and in reality research is what you are doing at this stage)  Study your calling area and study your club, knowing your market is essential to a successful campaign.

Always have a map next to the phone so you can see where the person you are calling is located.

You also need to know and memorize important facts about your club that you might be asked about when you start your calling.

All The Best,

Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
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