How To Fight GolfNow and Win!


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
Don Corleone

First, a shocking admission. GolfNow is actually not the enemy! (more on this later)

Ok, their websites are pitiful (Most likely built in minutes, by 5-year-olds in a Bangalore sweatshop, based on the quality I’ve seen) No sales copy, no data collection, no sense of style or originality. Basically just a holding page in cyberspace on which to host a Golf Now booking engine!

If you actually accept the crap they or CourseTrends/Golf18Network put up, you may already be beyond help! Their websites are to your marketing efforts what a hickory-shafted golf club and feather ball would do for your score!

Their resale of tee times at 97% off retail is also a problem!

A BIG problem!

Especially when they get tee times from so many clubs in one area and then train their customers like Pavlovian dogs to sniff out the great deal every day on Last Minute Golfer!

So how can you beat them at their own game?

Is it even possible against the mighty Golf Channel and NBC behind them?

Their power is obviously one of marketing, but their power is national.

Anyone can beat them on a local level!

Anyone who makes a real effort and takes a stand against them, Golf18Network (CourseTrends) and all the other shylocks who are aiding course owners in committing assisted suicide as surely as Jack Kevorkian did!

Now, you could use their booking engine because as pathetic as their websites and email system are, and believe me they are pathetic, their booking engine is actually quite good, although there are better products in the market.

So by all means, use their booking engine if you must to stay friends, BUT do NOT use their website and do not use their email marketing system! 

Insist that your trade tee time NOT be sold below a certain price, I have talked to clubs where they do this! They don’t do it for everyone but I am told by people who worked for them and client’s that they do it!

Do NOT rely on their marketing, they market all your competition too…..instead…

Embark on a tireless campaign to build your own database of emails and Facebook fans. (I have been preaching this for over a decade)

FACT: 80% of all play at any daily fee comes from just 4,000 players or less! 

Make sure those 4,000 avid players are part of your email and Facebook database!

You don’t need GolfNow to reach these people.

You don’t need the Golf Channel.

You just need to have a focused, on the ground effort to find these 4,000 and you can do it this winter before your season even starts!

Once you have the 4,000 avid players you need through Facebook and email:

Engage them

Educate them

And Entertain them

Do not just send tee time offer, after tee time offer, build some brand capital with these people! Make them laugh, make them share, make them comment and adopt the One Strategy ( at your club slowly but surely you will win them over!

Take control of your destiny, don’t commit suicide, call me I can help 352-266-2099


Andrew Wood

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