How to Attract Business To Your Club From The Inside Out!


How to You Can Attract Business To Your Golf Club From The Inside Out!

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I was talking to a golf club manager this week about his USP, unique selling proposition. The one thing that sets his golf club apart from his 50 nearest competitors, only he didn’t know what it was.

Had no clue what it was, “Andrew” he said, “We are just an average course, with a decent layout, decent clubhouse and a decent staff. We are not the best in town, not the worst in town. There is just nothing much that stands out from anyone else.

The market is crowded, everyone is cutting green fees, the private golf clubs are dropping membership fees and many are going semi-private. To be honest we are struggling and I am worried about my job”

            “Ok,” I said “ Sounds like a hundred other golf clubs. Let me ask you a question, what’s your favorite restaurant. Not the one you go to once a year for a special occasion but the one you go to most often?”

“Gino’s,” He said without hesitation. “ I love the place, everyone does!”

“So Gino does well does he?” I continued

“OH for sure!” he said.

“So I guess there is not much competition? You don’t have much choice where you live?” I ask, knowing, of course, he lives in a major metro area.

“Are you crazy there are a half million people within 15 miles there must 500 restaurants within 15 minutes.” He says.

“Then I guess Gino’s must be the cheapest place in town right that’s why he does so well?”

“No,’ he says “I mean it’s not expensive but it’s certainly not cheap, you know $15-25 bucks for an entrée.”

“Ok. so the food is just the best food you have ever tasted?”

“The food’s great, but no not the best I ever tasted it’s just… I dunno comfortable there”

“What does that mean specifically?” I questioned

He thought for a moment, hesitated then said…. “

“It’s like Cheers for one thing everyone knows my name. They have this great wine I love, called Vesuvius Rosso, it’s under $25 a bottle and it’s the only place you can get it. His cousin owns a vineyard near Naples. They have a couple of dishes I really like the Gnocchi with red pepper sauce and an awesome anti pasta plate for two that would feed four. When Gino is done cooking he comes outta the kitchen and starts playing a few songs on his accordion. A lot of times everyone sings along cause he does old pop songs like American Pie not Italian ones.  They always give you a free after dinner liquor, usually Limoncello. The walls have a mural of all his best customers. He added me, last year on my birthday!” He said in a drifting voice lost in thought….

“So this is just an average, family-run, Italian restaurant like any other except this one is  special?” I ask.

“You are right ANDREW. I GET IT!” he almost yelled with enthusiasm. “Just because I have an ordinary golf course doesn’t mean I have to be ordinary like everyone else!”

“Bingo!” I say “And the more places you are not ordinary the more business you will attract and the more loyal that business will be, just like you and Ginos!”

He began again, bubbling with enthusiasm, “I have this huge passageway you have to walk under to get to the first tee I’m gonna start with the mural I know a girl from the local junior college who can paint it and I know she will do it for free range balls. I’ll start with Sal and Eddie my two best customers. What should I do next?” he asked

           “Restrooms then the range, then I have 87 more touch points we can work on to turn your course from ordinary to extraordinary! ” I said

“Ok”, he said, “let’s get started”

If you are ready to transform your club I have the answer and it’s not the answer you might expect. It’s not about emails, websites or social media although they play a small part. Instead, it’s about creating an emotional experience that draws people to your club and turns them into loyal fans when they get there. 

            Prepare to think outside the tee markers and here is the best part

  • You don’t have to redesign the golf course
  • You don’t have to build a new clubhouse
  • You don’t have to add a spa, fitness center or pool!
  • And you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on marketing!

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      The Unbeatable Edge

The power of creating an emotional bond was recognized years ago by the famous advertising guru, David Ogilvy, who built the most successful ad agency in history. After designing campaigns for most of the world’s largest corporations, he came to the conclusion that only one thing could give a company the edge over the long haul.

He found the key to success for any company was its ability to create an emotional bond with its customers that went far beyond the nature of the product the company was actually selling.

           To paraphrase his words slightly:

           “A company competing on the basis of price can always be undercut. A company competing on the basis of uniqueness can always be copied. A company competing on the basis of a technical advantage can always be caught. A company competing on the basis of value can always be matched. But a company with passion cannot be touched.”

The long-term success of your club will be dictated not so much by the golf course and value you provide, but by the emotional bond, you create with your customers or members. Those golf clubs that fail to create such a bond, a feeling of something greater than the course they happen to be selling, will not be able to compete at the top for any length of time.

This Manual Will Change The Way You Think About
Marketing and Managing and Your Golf Club

For the last twenty years, I have been playing and marketing golf all over the world. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I have seen giant investments in golf courses, clubhouses, and amenities that have failed to procure a single dime while simple charms at other clubs have helped create a loyal and passionate following that has rendered them immune to the recession.

           That’s what I want to share with you, the secrets to growing your business from the inside out!

           In this manual I will provide you with clear pictorial and written examples of how you can:

  • Connect and engage with your members and guests on an entirely new level at every single touch point in your golf operation!
  • How you can turn an ordinary operation into an extraordinary operation in a matter of days and weeks without much in the way of financial resources to start.
  • How you can create loyal passionate fans for your club and drive in a stream of new referral business you have long since thought didn’t exist anyone!

We are living in what experts call the Experience Economy. I will show how you can intensify that experience by 1,000% or more in both tangible and intangible ways that will draw customers to you and bond them to your club!

           Here are just a few of the key touch points I cover as I show you how to make each an amazing asset that draws people to your club:

• Menus
• Bar
• Food
• Drinks
• Range
• Pros shop
• Ranger
• Restrooms
• Course
• Starter
• Extras
• Clubhouse
• Taste
• Sight
• Smell
• Sounds
• Feel
• Ads
• Social
• Email
• Website
• Parking
• Entrance
• Rules
• Signage
• Carts
• Cart girl
• 1st & 18 tee
• Course
• Furniture
• Patio
• Lockers

Making Your Golf Club The ONE They Choose!

A Totally Different Way To Attract and Retain Business!

Creating an experience that can’t be beaten by marketing form the inside out and thinking outside the tee box in every part of your operation

 Works even with limited resources!

            This 250-page manual is lavishly illustrated  with photographs and is packed full of hundreds of ways you can add value and attract business from the inside out

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All The Best,

Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
Direct: 352-266-2099
Email: [email protected]

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