How Several Golf Resorts Bombed in Their Bid to Attract Women


Why Several Golf Resorts Bombed in Their Bid to Attract Women

I have worked with several golf resorts who built expensive spas. Their rationale was to give the ladies something to do. Note they did not ask first how can we get more lady golfers? Nor did they ask, do we need to give the ladies anything to do as they are less than 30% of our total customers?

Instead, they spent a million or two or more building a spa and in each case the spa bombed!


Because the core customers at these resorts where men’s golf groups. Men’s golf groups don’t take women with them! They play 36-holes, drink beer and eat large quantities of dead cow, it’s a guy thing, and the majority of women, realize this which is why they have their own “girl’s getaways”. When they do go to a spa they are far more likely to choose a spa not associated with guy’s golf groups!

Even when couples went together they went to play golf and at best took one spa treatment. The ladies that did an all-day spa only did so Friday and Saturday leaving the spa empty mid-week. Spas are expensive to build and demand employees with specific skills, skills that are not minimum wage positions.

Even where the spas found more usage how long does it take to get an ROI on five to ten-million-dollar investment, one massage or facial at a time?

It pays to make your business decisions with a long-term marketing strategy in mind and not just jump on every trend that hits your industry or because your competition does it, which was the rationale in the examples I am giving. Had they had a clear marketing strategy in place they would never have made the investment, but alas they did not!

What’s your marketing strategy in two sentences?

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