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You most likely have been reading the material that I, and my team at Legendary Marketing, provide to the industry for a long time. It’s amazing that we haven’t had a chance to speak about your property and how I can help you dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing and sales.

So why don’t we set up a call? You can just respond to this email or call me direct at 352-266-2099. We can talk about your property, identify what your challenges are, and then figure out what we can do to fix them!

While you’re waiting to speak with me, I highly suggest you take a look at some of these resources.

  • Click Here to read more about our services. Legendary Marketing has state of the art technology and a proven system of lead generation. We offer world-class copywriting, multiple landing pages, a proven set of emails and social media posts that engage, educate, entertain, and sell. We provide Facebook ad expertise and much more!
  • Click Here to download my free benchmarketing module. Where are you now? You may not have a clue how to answer that. You may have just taken over a club, you may not be privy to past information, or you might just be lousy at keeping records — most people are! No matter how good or bad your information is, we have to start somewhere. The first step to achieving marketing success for your club is clarity. Knowing where you are and where you want to be!
  • Click Here to follow me on LinkedIn. I update my LinkedIn page with unique articles and content on almost a daily basis!
  • Click Here to read Golf Operator Magazine. This is a blog that has over 1,100 articles that are all about improving your golf business.
  • Click Here to read The Golf Marketing Bible, the best-selling book in the golf industry that was recently updated with 250 new pages.
  • Click Here to get your free copy of my Golf Marketing Strategy book. Normally $39.95, it’s yours free, just pay shipping and handling.

I have worked with over 2,000 golf properties in 19 different countries, managed several golf courses/resorts and built a 400-unit national franchise from scratch! No one is more qualified to help your business and help your business is what I want to do in 2018!

Let’s talk before the season starts…

All The Best,

Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
Direct: 352-266-2099


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