Why Do So Few People Respond to Your Golf Club’s Emails?


Have you ever Wondered Why So Few People Respond to Your Golf Club’s Emails?

The simple reason may be that your emails are just not getting through!

To help you deal with this problem I’m giving you access to my special report, How To Dramatically Increase Your Golf Club’s Delivery and Open Rates. After reading this information you will be able to increase your email open rates by 50% or more!

Do the math! That’s tens of thousands of extra people who will see your emails this year! Think INCREASED INCOME from every single eblast!

In this report you will discover:

  • Why so few emails get opened and how to make changes to instantly double your open rates.
  • The critical importance of keeping e-lists clean.
  • How to write compelling subject lines that SCREAM, “READ ME!”.
  • How to beat spam filters and how to quickly read reports to improve your results.
  • The critical importance of great content.
  • Email Marketing Tips & Secrets.

Take a few minutes now to read the report and you could double your open rate in days!

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All The Best,

Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
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PS. If you need any help at all in driving more business to your golf club call me 352-266-2099. We are the world’s leader in golf marketing.


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