How to Grow a Large Email Database for Your Golf Course


How to Grow a Large Email Database for Your Golf Course

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If you have been following the information Legendary Marketing has been supplying for the golf industry, you are certainly familiar with the following statement…

“He With the Biggest Database Wins”

Before I go any further into this article, I want you to look at the following images because it will make the database growth process “click.” The first is a promotion we are running that is available to every Legendary Marketing client, and the other two are statistics for the promotion, each from a separate client.

Golf Course Marketing

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Golf Marketing

(Result From Large Audience)

Golf Club Marketing

(Result From Smaller Audience)

Now Let Me Explain What You’re Looking At,
And Why It Was So Important
When you’re trying to grow a database, you need to give people a reason to give you their information. It could be a free round of golf, the chance to win a box of Pro V1s, the chance to win a membership… take your pick, but it MUST be something people want.
In the example above, Legendary Marketing and World’s Best Golf Destinations partnered with Premier Irish Golf Tours to give our clients an AMAZING prize that they could use to grow their database.
The prize is the following:
  • Roundtrip airfare up to $1,200 total.
  • 3 Nights of Accommodations.
  • 2 days of tickets to the golf tournament (Friday, 4/7/17 and Sunday, 4/9/17)
  • 1 day of golf.
  • A HUGE golf prize pack from our sponsors.


Now, if you look at the two images of the results above, you will notice that one had a conversion rate of 74.84%, and the other had a conversion rate of 75.30%. That means 75% of the people who visited that page, gave their name, email address, phone number, address information and answered a question.

Let me repeat that, 75% of the people who visited the landing page,
submitted their info.

Better yet, both landing pages are performing at the same exact rate. One property has an extremely large audience, and the other one a much smaller one. What would happen if the smaller property started running Facebook ads that targeted golfers in their area? The page would continue to convert in the 75% range, and they would gain a lot of emails for a very small investment.

It Gets Even Better!

You can customize the form so people must answer a question, or multiple questions, helping you build targeted lists for future marketing promotions. What if you asked the following question?

Please Check off What Are You Interested in:

  • Membership
  • Outings
  • Events
  • Lessons
  • None of The Above

You could easily grow a large database, that is already segmented with people you can contact immediately, who have put their hand up and said “I am interested in this!

Effective Marketing Works Anywhere!

Effective marketing works anywhere; it doesn’t matter if you’re in a metropolitan area or a rural location. It doesn’t matter if you’re a daily fee, semi-private, private, muni, or a resort. The two examples above couldn’t be any more different, and yet they are using the same promotion, converting at the same percentage rate of 75%. A proven marketing campaign can work in ANY area.

“He With the Biggest Database Wins”

Golf Marketing Bible

Read The Golf Marketing Bible! Click Here

Back to this statement, Legendary Marketing has said this for the past 20 years and will continue to say it for the foreseeable future. You need a large, segmented, database to truly optimize your marketing, and no one in the industry gives you the tools or promotions Legendary Marketing can provide.

Start growing your database today with great promotions such as the one mentioned in this email by calling us at 1800-827-1663 or clicking here to contact us.

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John Eidukot
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