Golf Yeah Interview with Urban Golf Academy’s “President of Fun”


Showcases How Kate Tempesta Uses Golf as a Platform for Early Childhood Education  

Golf Yeah– the podcast and website that celebrates people who’ve built successful companies and careers based on their love for the game – has just published its interview with Kate Tempesta, the founder, owner and self-described “President of Fun” of New York City and Montauk, Long Island-based Urban Golf Academy.

In her discussion with Golf Yeah, Kate provides behind-the-scenes insights into the educational enterprise that she’s overseen that has delivered the joy of golf to at least 1,000 children each year, over the past 12 years. Interview highlight including:

  • Kate’s lost sense of purpose and disconnection with “her tribe” during her early years in New York City
  • The combination of circumstances that enabled Kate to find her true calling in life
  • Why Kate believes that play is such an important part of learning and personal development for children
  • How the Urban Golf Academy got started, and how it’s grown over the past 12 years
  • The concept and mission underlying the Birdie BasicsÔprogram
  • What the USGA and PGA can be doing to grow interest in the game among children
  • The common elements found in golf, kick boxing and sword fighting
  • Why the mind / body connection is essential in the game of golf

Commenting on the Kate Tempesta’s interview, Golf Yeah’sPodcast Host and Editor, Gordon G. Andrew, said that, “Kate has combined her love of children with her love for the game of golf to create a thriving business. What’s most inspirational about Kate and her company is their underlying mission.  Rather than looking to create the next Tiger Woods, their goal is to use golf as an educational platform to create self-confident, empowered individuals.”

In addition to Kate Tempesta, recent Golf Yeahpodcast guests have included:

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