Golf Pros – The Importance of Growing and Nurturing Your Database


The Importance of Growing and Nurturing Your Database

I personally know many professionals in the industry who do not collect the data of their current clients, let alone future potential clients. This is a huge mistake as that data is an untapped pile of gold.

Potential clients are out there for the taking. By maintaining and nurturing your database on a weekly basis, you can tap into the psyches of your clients to be. If you are based at a membership golf club, you may be allowed access to the club’s database, or they may send out the emails for you. (When someone replies back to you personally, you can add that person to your own database.)

Successfully utilizing your database ensures you are always at the forefront of your prospects’ and clients’ minds. Hit your database with weekly golf tips where you are giving them a small tidbit of information while creating awareness of your brand. Send out monthly newsletters with general information about lessons, prices, new technology and celebrating any success stories of current clients (for example, Bill Smith winning the monthly medal or Tilly Mint having her handicap cut).

Use competitions on your Facebook account (see my article on building your brand with Facebook), and website to encourage new people to leave their information for you. With a prize of a dozen Pro V1s, 9-hole playing lesson or a free one-hour video analysis, people will enter the competition for the change of gaining something valuable whereas you are gaining the most valuable asset, their data.

While my database is valuable all throughout the year, with the holiday season just over, I am again reminded of how valuable my database is at this time of year. With often poor weather for golfing and people busy with holiday activities and travel, the vast majority of my December income comes from voucher sales that are sold through contacting my database via adverts on Facebook, blogs on my website, a newsletter, and e-blasts. Without my database, I would not have made anywhere near as many sales as I did.

Make a point of setting aside a couple of hours a week to growing your database and sorting into the appropriate programmes. Aim to grow your database to at least 2000 clients/potential clients. Make sure you are in constant contact with your database. Using programmes likeLegendary Marketing makes keeping on top of your database a much more straightforward task. Programmes like Legendary Marketing help organize organize and segment your lists of data so if you wanted to promote something specific, for example, a special for ladies group coaching, then this programme can provide you with the means to target specific areas or groups of people.

Data is a valuable commodity and it is also mobile so wherever you may be you can reach out and create awareness for your brand.

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