The Golf Pro’s or Golf Club Manager’s Annual Report


The Golf Pro’s or Club Manager’s Annual Report

Your Ticket to Higher Income, Job Security, and Customer Retention!

I came home recently from doing a seminar for a PGA section. As I walked back into the house the first thing my wife said was, “What do you think?” Knowing it was almost certainly the wrong answer I said: “I think it’s time for a beer!” She makes an effort to smack me over the head and drags me outside to point out that our house, which used to be off-white is now green!

You’ve probably had the same type of thing happen to you, at home and in reverse at work. You improve the merchandise in the shop, train your staff to smile, offer free golf lessons to the kids in the summer and still, no one seems to notice. This is where it pays to be PRO-active, in pointing out to your members, clients, customers or boss all the things you have done for them!

The Spring offers a great opportunity to communicate with your members, officers, board, customers or whoever your boss happens to be. Just as large corporations offer their stakeholders an annual report I suggest that every PGA Professional or Golf Club Manager provide his or her boss with an annual report. That way he can remind him of just what a wonderful job he has been doing.

If you don’t it’s a sure bet no one else will do it for you!

The report should start with a general letter talking about the challenges and triumphs of last year. Then should go into detail highlighting all the things you have done to increase the service, enhance the customers experience and boost income!

For the sake of an example let’s take the case of a golf professional reporting to a board of directors.

The report might include some of the following items:

• An increase in the number of tournaments that were offered this year giving members a greater selection of formats and events, than ever before.

• An increase in the number of players whom participated in the member-guest and therefore exposing the golf club to new prospective members.

• An increase in the number of guest rounds and income from them.

• The adding of new balls on the driving not once but twice a year.

• The addition of an extra employee on the staff to help with the rush on Saturday and Sunday and provide a higher level of service to the members.

• An increase in the amount of goods offered in the pro shop to provide members with a better selection of goods.

• The initiation of two new demo days to give members the chance to hit different equipment.

• The addition of a golf club website to keep members informed with up to the minute information on club events. (of course

The Pro might also inform his members of the three education events he attended to keep abreast of current techniques and keep his club’s operation on the cutting edge.

• Attended Andrew Wood’s Golf Marketing Boot Camp to stay on the cutting edge of sales and marketing trends in the golf industry.

• Attended a PGA seminar in how to better control merchandise costs.

• Attended a local seminar on the value of social media marketing sponsored by the chamber of commerce. This provided me with some new ideas on how to market the club at almost no cost.

Notice that every item is stated in the form of a CLEAR BENEFIT to the golf club!

Golf Pro ReportThe report itself can be as simple as a two-page letter or a more elaborate piece typeset with graphics, your logo, and a plastic cover or binder. Any print shop or business box store can do this for you quickly and inexpensively as will any high school kid. Where possible it should include quotes from happy customers about various events or services you have mentioned. There is nothing like a third party endorsement of your statements to power up their impact!

How do You Get Such Quotes?

Every time as member says “Hey Joe thanks for putting on that junior clinic my guy Harry really enjoyed it”

“It’s my pleasure Joe, Hey would you mind if I used those exact words as a quote in the letter I am writing to the board explaining why doing these clinics benefits the club?

Why sure he wouldn’t mind!

And neither would the guy who told you “It was the best member guest ever!”


The lady who ”Loves the Friday Wine and Nine!”

All you have to do is ask on the spot and jot it down on your smartphone for later use!

This is an amazingly simple yet powerful way to demonstrate your worth, they simply cannot refute or discount the comments of members and guests who support your view of events.

Once you have written down what you have done over the previous year look to the future!

Finish the report with a look to the future and list some of the things you have already have planned for the New Year, that will BENEFIT the club with your “Forward thinking”

For example:

• We will be adding three new up and coming clothing lines to increase the choice in the pro-shop

• We will be offering Free beginners classes on the range every Friday night to expose our club to new people and help grow the game

• I have ordered Andrew Wood’s, Golf Sales Bible book and we will be looking forward to implanting some of his strategies to generate more leads.

• We intend to joining the and take advantage of the many resources they offer.

How to Make $150,000 a Year Teaching Golf

Read How to Make $150,000 a Year Teaching Golf

Now you have told them what you have accomplished, backed it up with quotes from members or guests and told them what you intend to do next. Job is done.

You will find this tool an excellent ally when asking for a raise, increasing your job security or enhancing your customer retention. 0.5% of your fellow golf pros will not take the trouble to do this, you will be a giant among the pygmies.

If you have followed my recent suggestions of blogging and using Facebook all this information will already have been collected as you go and it will just need organizing and spruced up to make you report.

Total time invested about 8 hours.

Value to your career… PRICELESS!

All The Best,

Andrew Wood
Legendary Marketing
Direct: 352-266-2099


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