Golf Pros: Making Your Website Work For You


I used to think it was all about looks… well in terms of websites that is! Back in the day, I employed a web designer to design my website under my direction with a very little understanding of the true purpose of a website.

I imagine many of you have also fallen into the trap that I once plunged into of producing for all intents and purposes an electronic brochure. It included my CV, some name-dropping of past high profile clients, lesson prices and a description of my lesson structure. I then began the tireless pursuit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), obsessively battling to keep my website ranked high up on page one of google. The particular website I had was a Word Press site which would tell me how many visitors I had to my site, what pages they had looked at and the length of time they had spent on my website.

Sound familiar?

It was not until Andrew Wood pointed out the most important function of a website is actually data collection and that my website had absolutely no provision to do so. I had simply produced the classic run of the mill e-brochure about My Services. Although my website was high ranking which is of importance it was not generating any leads, therefore, my website was not working for me.

Think about your website have you provisions to collect data? Data collection is crucial as data turns into leads and in turn leads turn into prospects and prospects into Clients.

My website now has multiple ways of collecting data currently translating into a number of leads per week.

Examples of lead generators on my website include:

  • Two downloadable eBooks that are only accessible to download once you have entered your name, email, and postal address.
  • Book a Lesson Now
  • Win a Scottish Vacation (hover ad)
  • Contact Us Now form

Other ideas for lead generators could range from ‘win a dozen Titleist Pro V 1’s’ (which I had over 300 entrants, not a bad lead generator!), Sign up now for your free 15 minute swing analysis’ to ‘Sign up now for your free weekly golf tip straight to your inbox’. The possibilities are endless, as long as you are offering your website guest the possibility of something to entice them to log their personal details online for you to collect.

Moving on from the function of your website to the content of the website. It is important to move away from your bog standard factual e-brochure and personalize your website. Boring your web guest with dry facts is not going to entice this potential client to bang down your door over and above another pro. Your website is an extremely valuable tool to inform your guest of your value.

You must include the following;

Testimonials – everyone loves a good before and after story that they can identify with. Get your clients to write glowing reports of how your coaching has helped them and wear them with pride on your website.

Your Personal Story- Humanize your website, don’t just reel off your CV and tick off a list of players that you have coached in the past. Inspire and infect your potential clients with the passion you have for coaching and tell them the story of where this came from. ‘Little Johnny rising over adversity, being no good at anything else but shining when it came to golf’ is much more interesting and relatable than a diatribe about all the seminars you have attended and qualifications you have.

10 Reasons why we should have a golf lesson with you – Again a tool to reinforce your value and sell yourself. Highlight the features and benefits you have to offer a potential client.

Make sure social media icons are easily visible on the page and they are linked up as this is another important way of collecting data and building your brand.

Blog on a weekly basis to improve SEO. Google loves fresh content so the more blogs you do on a weekly/monthly basis will ensure you keep your website ranked high.

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To conclude your website needs to be one of your most powerful tools, ignore its power to provide you with data at your peril!! Implementing just a couple of lead generators will provide you with a wealth of information that can increase your client base and in turn your earning potential.

Mark Wood has a proven track record of marketing in the golf instruction business. He has successfully grown and enhanced his golf academy over the last few years, through the medium of marketing and social media. He now wants to share with you his passion and knowledge in this field to provide you with the results you deserve. Mark is available on a consultancy basis and you can contact him at [email protected].


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