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Getting clients through the door the first time is relatively easy; the hard work starts when making sure they keep returning through your door and in getting them to encourage others to come through the door with them!

We have all had that one customer-service experience where you come away with a smile on your face and the feeling of being satisfied – and we have all too often had the opposite! The key to retaining and attracting more clients is quality, consistency and a personal approach.

I remember my wife coming home and raving about her hair appointment – she had wine, they gave her chocolates, they asked her questions about herself and made her feel special. Although as golf pros we are offering a different service and we have to replace the wine with coffee or a cold fizzy drink, we are there to offer a personal experience to our clients and enforce the fact that we are just as invested in their development as a golfer as they are. The most important element of retention of your clients is listening and respecting their objectives and goals, even if sometimes you have to gently steer them towards more obtainable short-term goals!

You must ensure that every lesson with every client is consistent. It’s important that you have a rough blueprint of the lesson in your mind that every lesson follows. In my case, every lesson begins with chat about their current game and what needs to be looked at. We then go through the changes after we have looked at the video or flightscope data, and work on drills, if necessary, to implement the change. Finally I reinforce every lesson with a follow-up video email detailing the areas that we have covered in the lesson and areas the client needs to work on in preparation for the next lesson. This has the benefit that all my clients know what to expect when they come to the lesson and that every client receives the same standard of lesson.

Keep in constant contact with your clients through social media so that they know they are on your radar and feel they are getting additional support. Take notes of birthdays, holidays, and golf competitions so that you can reach out on these occasions and compound your relationship with your client. Wherever you can praise them or share their success stories do so; we all love to bask in the glory of praise no matter how old or young we are.

Instigate a recommendation scheme where clients can hand out vouchers to their fellow golfing friends that entitle new clients to an introductory offer. Remember to offer the client that has passed your information on a reward for their time, whether it be a bottle of wine or a discount on their next lesson. It always pays to show that you value someone’s time.

To recap

  • Offer a personal service that makes your client feel valued.
  • Listen and respect your clients’ views and goals.
  • Be consistent and follow the same formula in every lesson. However, be prepared to amend any areas of this formula to improve the experience.
  • Keep a constant dialogue with your clients through social media to build and maintain your relationships.
  • Roll out a recommend-a-friend system so that your new clients are enticed to you by the success of your current clients.

The most powerful advertising medium for any business is happy customers; happy customers generate further clients and provide you with the material to entice more clients through social media. So follow the formula above and provide a quality service to your clients and watch your client base grow!

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MarkWoodMark Wood has a proven track record of marketing in the golf instruction business. He has successfully grown and enhanced his golf academy over the last few years, through the medium of marketing and social media. He now wants to share with you his passion and knowledge in this field to provide you with the results you deserve. Mark is available on a consultancy basis and you can contact him at [email protected]


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