10.5 Things Every Golf Pro or Club Manager Should be Doing Right Now to Protect Their Future!

  1. Get better at sales. When this is all over, the most important skill anyone at a golf course is going to be looking for is sales. Membership sales, outing sales, lesson sales, merchandise sales, banquet sales. Oh, and selling yourself!
  2. Connect with people you haven’t spoken to in a long time, people you used to work for, people who used to work for you, members and ex-members. Keep your friendships in a state of good repair; you may well need them.
  3. Get more active on LinkedIn. Update your profile, update your picture, post some useful articles showcasing your experience in the industry.
  4. Update your resume. If it looks anything like what they told you at PGA or CMA school, ditch it and do something fun and more creative instead. When two hundred people are applying for the same job, having the same looking resume as everyone else is a sure way not to get it.
  5. Improve your marketing skills. After sales, this is the single most important talent golf courses are going to be looking for after this Coronavirus Armageddon. There are plenty of good books on the subject, and I wrote most of them.
  6. If teaching is an important part of your living, try and sell some gift certificates for future lessons to provide much-needed funds during the shutdown.
  7. Use this downtime to film as many short videos as you can demonstrating your teaching knowledge. You can then use the transcript button on YouTube to turn each of these videos into a short article. You can use this content on your so Facebook, LinkedIn, and on your blog. Do it strategically so that after you’ve filmed 20 or 30 short episodes, it easily translates into a series of lessons or series of chapters or an online course. Managers demonstrate your industry knowledge.
  8. Make sure when you upload your videos to YouTube that you ask people to subscribe to the channel and that you clearly say the name of your website so you can drive people to a landing page. At some point, you’ll have products to sell them. Trust me, there is no money as sweet as making money while you sleep. Turn your teaching talent into residual income. The more niche you are, the better, for example, a good friend and coach Mark Wood did a book on how to stop shaking. (I was the model)
  9. This may be a great time to consider opportunities overseas in places such as Vietnam where the cost of living is cheap, and the golf market is still expanding. The future of golf is for sure in the East, and the taxes you will face in the Western world are going to be prohibitive.
  10. If moving is not for you, now might also be a great time to consider a side hustle. As a golf professional or club manager, you know hundreds, perhaps thousands of people on a one-on-one basis. What other business or opportunity would be complementary to the network you now have? Limo service, cleaning service, lawn service, pool service, and remember, you don’t have to do the work, just use your connections and run the business

10.5 If you have not already, check out www.LifeWellLived.expert it’s a good source of career information.


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