Take the Golf Outings Marketing Collateral 101 Test


Take the Golf Outings Marketing Collateral 101 Test

Golf Outings Marketing Collateral

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  1. Does it have headlines that offer clear benefits on every page?
  2. Does it have picture captions that offer benefits beneath every picture that does not have a headline?
  3. Does it have testimonials from happy golf outing planners on every page?
  4. Does the copy make a complete sales presentation about your golf club in words?
  5. Does your copy use stories to connect with the reader emotionally?
  6. Do you focus the copy on your ten key benefit statements?
  7. Does the copy support your Unique Selling Proposition?
  8. Are the pictures diverse enough to appeal to different segments of your outing prospects i.e., corporate, charity, first-time golf outing planners, seniors, etc.?
  9. Is the brochure easy to read with large enough text, no reverse type (white type on a dark background), indented paragraphs and clear eye paths?
  10. Do photos and graphics support the main points of the copy?
  11.  Is there a quick checklist of benefits for review at the end?
  12. Do you ask the prospect to actually take the next step and actually join or make an appointment?

If your collateral is failing any of these quick tests it can definitely be made more effective.  If it’s missing several of the items, then it should really be re-done.

Most golf outing brochures are just graphic puff pieces that repeat the same things everyone else does like, how good your layout is and how great your service is in the dining room. YOU MUST strive to do more with your brochure and use real stories, benefits, and emotion to draw prospective outing planners into your brochure and get excited about the prospect of holding their outing at your facility.

Golf Outings Collateral

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Well written, benefits-laden, copy will dramatically increase your response, give them a reason to choose you!

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