Generating More Golf Outing Business With Better Ads


How You Can Generate More Golf Outing Business With Better Ads

Let your competitors run small price point ads, in local golf magazine with a free beacon sandwich for groups of twenty or more, for they sir are fools.  Fools wasting their money only slightly slower than simply setting fire to it!

You, being far more interested in getting results than copying the ads of your 50 closest competitors will take a different route.

Use your ads to generate golf outing leads, not to get a sale!

  • Offer a contest to win a free event
  • Tease then with an exceptional offer (how to get a free event for your charity)
  • Provide valuable information like a booklet on how to plan the perfect event (60% of the people who book golf outings don’t actually play)

Golf Outing Planner

Have them fill in in a web form to get the promised benefit.

Now you have a lead!

Golf Outings Sales Manual

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You will find this approach 100 times more successful than price point advertising or generate we love golf outings! Best of all you can set up an autoresponder to keep in touch with these leads automatically. You should of course also dump all these leads into a CRM and follow up with a phone call.

This amazing 261-page manual has everything you need from ads, to scripts, to email to website and brochure copy examples Get it instantly – profit Now!

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