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One of 28 possible strategies a golf club might employ to gain competitive advantage.

A “Golfers” Club

Competition Is Important!

Targets – Lower handicaps, competitive, gamble, mainly male

Excludes – Most women, beginners, most retirees and people who play just for fun!

Examples – Bloomingdale in the 90’s (200 players 4 or better) Old Memorial (also on business the list) The skins game at Bay Hill which Arnie frequently played in. The famous game at Palmer Valley in San Diego. The infamous games Trevino played among the cotton ranchers of West Texas.

Taglines – “This is a Players Club – Play to win!”

Commentary: Core golfers are avid players, competitive and often enjoy gambling. They tend to have lower handicaps and golf plays a major part in their life. They will plan their schedule around major events at the golf club. The quality of the course and range are far more important than having a pool, tennis and fine dining facilities. They will enjoy a good burger, steak, adult beverages and perhaps a cigar or two. Core golfers are the best golfers at any club. They play more, spend more, drink more bring more guests and love the game.

Golf Marketing Strategy

Opportunity: It always amazed me how few competitions clubs in the US have compared to the UK. My club in England, Princess, has multiple events every month. My original club, Lilleshall Hall, had about 40 major events all with silver trophies! In fact, all the clubs I belonged to in England did. In addition to the club championship stroke play, there was a match play championship, a junior and a ladies and a three-day four-ball over a holiday weekend you could enter as many times as you wanted with different partners.

They had Stableford events, monthly and mid-week medals, Presidents putter, Captain’s day, mixed-events and just about every combination you can think of. The three private clubs I belong to in the USA have a member-guest, a member, a mock Ryder cup, a club championship and that’s about it!

In a metro area, there is a real opportunity to attract core golfers by simply providing events or having active, skin games, “money games”, at your club. While the number of total golfers has declined there has been little to no decline in core golfers and almost all core golfers are competitors. Being known for the best events in town can be a magnet for core players. Having lots of different events give lots of different players a chance to win, brag, get their name on the wall, (very important) and feel a bond to the club because of it!

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