Golf Marketing Made Simple


Golf Marketing Made Simple

I have helped over 3000 golf courses all over the world improve their business. All things being equal the course that wins in any market will be the one that does 3 things:

1. The one with the biggest database and the strongest commitment to growing & maintaining it. That means spending money perhaps 30% of your budget on this alone. Traffic equals customers, and most of that traffic will come from email!

2. The course that connects the most times in a meaningful way with its’ database. That means having high-quality content in your emails that engages, educates and entertains.

If all you do is send offers to your list, you are destroying it like cancer!

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3. The course that adopts the “one strategy” and wins in one way, at every touch point.

That’s it, just three things make all the difference, yet few clubs commit to acing even one of these! Instead, they squander their marketing budgets on a whole bunch of things that don’t mean anything & don’t work!

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